Love Tax Exemptions? Don’t Forget to File!

Roses are red,

Gators are orange and blue,

it’s the season of love

and applying for tax exemptions too!

It’s that time of the year when new homeowners are settling into their homes, and with so many tasks and deadlines, it is easy for homeowners to forget about applying for property tax exemptions and discounts. Many homeowners are aware of the popular Florida Homestead exemption from property taxes; however, they are unaware of other tax exemptions and discounts that can save them money.

The following is a general list of exemptions and discounts that are available to Florida residents and must be applied for by March 1, 2020:

  • Homestead Exemption – Florida residents who own and occupy property as their permanent residence on January 1 of the year that they claim the exemption may apply for and receive a homestead exemption that will reduce their property taxes.
  • Additional Homestead Exemptions for Persons 65 and Older
    • Senior Income with Limited Income – Qualifying persons who are age 65 and older, are Florida residents, and have limited income, may receive an additional homestead exemption.
    • Disabled Veterans Homestead Property Tax Discount – Veterans who are age 65 or older may qualify for a property tax discount when they have been honorably discharged from military service and are partially disabled with a permanent service connected disability that is combat related.
  • Personal exemptions for permanent residents of Florida
    • Total and Permanent Disability Exemption (Service Connected and Non Service Connected) – Persons with certain total and permanent disabilities and honorably discharged veterans with service connected disabilities, surviving spouses of a qualifying veteran, and the spouses of veterans who died from service connected causes while on active duty as a member of the United States Armed Forces, may receive an exemption on their homestead.
    • Widow/Widower Exemption – A widow or widower who is a permanent resident of Florida may receive a $500.00 exemption if they were legally married to their deceased spouse at the time of their spouse’s death.
    • Blind Disability Exemption – Florida residents who are blind may qualify for a $500.00 exemption.
    • Disabled Veteran – Veterans who are permanent residents of Florida and are disabled at least 10% in war or by service-connected disabilities may receive a $5,000.00 exemption.

Qualified homeowners must submit the appropriate applications for the above-listed exemptions and discounts, plus all supporting documents to their county property appraiser’s office by the March 1, 2020 deadline to be considered for the exemptions. If you have any questions about property tax exemptions and deadlines, be sure to contact your local real estate attorney.

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